Foodie Friday!: Mint Choc Cupcakes

So I'm going to start a new segment on Fridays called Foodie Fridays (get it, huh, get it??) where I'll share recipes.  They might be my own, they might be ones that I found on Pinterest and thought "this is my new fave thing to eat", or they might be a meal out that was … Continue reading Foodie Friday!: Mint Choc Cupcakes

So tired of living like a cut kite.

So you're having a shit week.  You're super depressed, super anxious, and super exhausted, and you're scrolling down Facebook for the umpteenth time that hour because you have nothing else to do, when you see it. Pictures of your friends having fun together without you. Obviously.  i mean you're the one that ruins the party … Continue reading So tired of living like a cut kite.

6 Steps to Stability

So here I sit feeling lethargic and sad and 'what is the point to all this' and I really think it's time for all this to stop. There are times, yes, when I mean everything, but right here right now I mean my depression.  I mean my anxiety.These are my short term steps to feeling … Continue reading 6 Steps to Stability

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

So I have spent most of the past few days trying my hardest to make an effort to get out of bed. Yep, it's one of those weeks.  Depression has once more reared its ugly head and is making my life Hell. I can't get out of bed.  There's just no point.  What would I … Continue reading Keep it secret. Keep it safe.


See I said I'd be terrible at updating every day! Got back from Hull for the last time the other day.  Drank entirely too much prosecco and spent my last morning throwing up so that was nice 🙂 I joke of course.  It was awful. Yesterday my family made our monthly trip to visit my … Continue reading Imagination

Graduate good times, come on…

So yesterday I got to wear a silly hat and a gown and parade across the stage to collect my degree.    (That's me in all my glory) The day was essentially full of waiting around and photos and being stabbed with safety pins.  Also the robes being in your way for everything! Saw loads … Continue reading Graduate good times, come on…

Worlds Apart and In Too Deep

On Monday I made the journey back to Hull uni for the last time. I went to see Young Guns at one of my favourite clubs too, which was a nice way to say bye to it.  YG are one of my my fave/fave live bands, and to see them in such an intimate venue … Continue reading Worlds Apart and In Too Deep


So I was at work all day today, and my feet are currently considering defecting from my legs.  I work as a barista/waitress in a café, and this is essentially my life.  I would also like to add: PLEASE DO NOT COMPLAIN THAT  WE CLOSE IN 5 MINUTES WHEN YOU CAME IN AND MESSED AROUND SENDING … Continue reading Zzzzz


So day 2: beauty. This fits in very well to yesterday's blog post about happiness.  Does the fact that feeling beautiful makes me feel happier make me shallow?  Probably. I've never had much of a beauty routine.  Half the time I forget to take my make-up off at night.  I don't wear foundation or powder … Continue reading Beauty


I'm gonna be honest.  I had plans for this blog, and those plans did not include waffle.  That said, I started a Pinterest board for blog ideas, just to mix up the content on here a bit.  I came across a pin that gave 365 words, one to explore each day.  Day one was "happiness". So … Continue reading Happiness