So day 2: beauty.

This fits in very well to yesterday’s blog post about happiness.  Does the fact that feeling beautiful makes me feel happier make me shallow?  Probably.

I’ve never had much of a beauty routine.  Half the time I forget to take my make-up off at night.  I don’t wear foundation or powder because I find it cloying and bad for my skin.  Essentially I use my Naked 2 palette on my eyes and brows, whack on some liquid eyeliner and mascara, and that’s me done.  Lipstick too if I’m going out.  Concealer if I do have a breakout (or a friction burn from using exfoliating wipes too hard on a spot.  guess which idiot did that this week…).  Nail varnish if I’m not at work (I can’t wear it in the kitchen).

It’s weird how much confidence one can gain from painting a black line across one’s lids, but it really does help.

However, conventional beauty does not stretch to cover fat girls.  Or girls with glasses.  Or girls with freckles.  Guess who is all three wrapped up in one frumpy package?

I mean, ideally I’d look like Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Dormer, Beyoncé, or Meagan Camper.  Or Hayley Williams.  Or anyone that isn’t me.

I wish there wasn’t such a competition amongst women.  In the media or in the street.  Bombarded by all these thin beautiful photoshopped women in lingerie.

Let’s bombard them back.

Real women for the front page, please.

Hope everyone’s ok out there.


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