Graduate good times, come on…

So yesterday I got to wear a silly hat and a gown and parade across the stage to collect my degree.

(That’s me in all my glory)
The day was essentially full of waiting around and photos and being stabbed with safety pins.  Also the robes being in your way for everything!

Saw loads of people, and it dawned on me that I was probably saying goodbye to them forever which was a bit sad really.  

The actual ceremony was tedious.  I clapped and whooped my friends across the stage, and tried my hardest to not have a panic attack at the thought of walking across myself.  In order to accomplish this, I set my sights on the other end of the red carpet, and focused on getting there in one piece.  This failed when the Lady Chancellor picked the person in front of me to stop and have a chat with on the way across, so I had to wait at the start and try and ignore the fact that there were thousands of people watching me.

Deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths.
And then it was FINALLY my turn and I just walked and nodded to the chancellor and tried to get off that stage as quickly as possible.  I could hear my friends cheering me which helped a bit but I was never happier to see a bannister that I could grip for dear life at the end of that stage!

Stood for the national anthem, and headed out for the hat toss, which was pretty fun, and I caught mine so I didn’t have to wear someone else’s! Then it was time for more photos and taking the robes back.  Went with my dear friend from Lyon and left our parents to make friends! 

The day felt very surreal, and it was with great delight that I ordered an Italian Twinkle with my meal! (Prosecco, elderflower cordial, vodka and lemon).  

But it’s over now.  After 4 years, I am no longer a student at the University of Hull.
Sad times.
Hope everyone’s ok out there 


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