Worlds Apart and In Too Deep

On Monday I made the journey back to Hull uni for the last time.

I went to see Young Guns at one of my favourite clubs too, which was a nice way to say bye to it.  YG are one of my my fave/fave live bands, and to see them in such an intimate venue was incredible.  It was made all the more so by them slipping my favourite song into the setlist without anyone knowing! I had been daydreaming about them doing so but thought it was a long shot because it’s not a single and it’s a bit of an obscure album track, so when they played the riff I was so excited!  I caught the bassist’s plectrum which was nice, and he tripped over into me on the way out haha 

Got back to the house in a sweaty mess, and hopped in the shower before going straight to sleep.
Today’s word was “garden” but I can’t think of much to say other than the fact that I arrived back at the uni house to find that Boris the Basil Plant had not survived his time in the garden at uni.  Sad times.
Hope everyone’s ok out there


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