6 Steps to Stability

So here I sit feeling lethargic and sad and ‘what is the point to all this’ and I really think it’s time for all this to stop. There are times, yes, when I mean everything, but right here right now I mean my depression.  I mean my anxiety.These are my short term steps to feeling slightly more stable in life.  They work for me, at least, and I hope they help someone else, because this rocky platform we’re teetering on is certainly dangerous and not fit for human use.

So here we go, taking those steps to get off it.

 6  Steps to Stability 

    I have a long, long list of playlists.  I have to categorise everything in my life, and music is no exception.  I have happy playlists, sad playlists, going out playlists and everything in between.  When you’re feeling down, try and think what you really need at that moment.  Do you need to get psyched up? Make a happy playlist.  Do you want to take the day off life as a mental health day? Make a sad playlist and ride it out.  Do you want to feel like you’re on holiday? Make a playlist filled with summery tunes or world music, or songs that remind you of holidays past, and immerse yourself in that place.  As Fall Out Boy say (sort of), musicians really can be the therapists pumping through your speakers.

    This is my main route out of the ditch.  Whenever I feel awful, I take up my pen or to the notes app, and start writing.  There’s something about describing another world that just helps me forget this one exists.  You don’t have to get a novel out; even free verse can be very cathartic.

    If you’re stuck in that glorious state known as ‘Writers’ Block’, then let someone else do all the hard work for you and dive into their world.  My personal favourite is that of David Eddings’ Belgariad series.  There are 13 books in all, and I owe them my life.  Let me know your favourite!

  4. FILM NIGHT  The other alternative of course is to watch this other world play out in front of your eyes. Minimal effort and a treat for the senses.  Anyone got the chocolate?

    Excuse the Taylor Swift pun.  This is also a favourite distraction technique of mine.  Usually I bake when I feel the urge to do something stupid whilst sad.  It keeps my mind busy, my hands full, and my tummy happy.  Plus it makes the house smell divine!  I find the whole process of baking so relaxing.  I don’t know if that’s a childhood thing or what, but I just love it!


    If you’re feeling rubbish, let a friend know.  I know the temptation is to lock yourself away, and for the anxiety crew there can be a lot of “but I’ll just ANNOY them!!1!”, but sometimes there is nothing better than the presence of a friend, be that there with you, or across a telephone wire or a messaging forum. Especially if you get a hug out of it!  After all: 

I hope these are useful for people, and if you have any ideas please do share in the comments!
Hope everyone’s ok out there


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