Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

So I have spent most of the past few days trying my hardest to make an effort to get out of bed.

Yep, it’s one of those weeks.  Depression has once more reared its ugly head and is making my life Hell.

I can’t get out of bed.  There’s just no point.  What would I do, and why would I bother doing it?

I’ve therefore spent my time rereading my all-time favourite series, The Belgariad (and its follow-ups, The Mallorean, Belgarath the Sorcerer, Polgara the Sorceress, and The Rivan Codex).  If you love fantasy quests, I urge you to read this series by David Eddings.  It has it all, fantasy, humour, and a plot and characters that will stay with you forever.  It is my escape and has been for a decade or so now.

Being pretty much dead to the world has had its problems.  I’ve not been running for a fortnight, which makes me disappointed in myself, and also means my mum keeps making jibes about my weight all the time, just in case I hadn’t realized that I am a horrendous example of a human being. 

Then I got called in to work 9-5 when I just wanted to lie in my duvet and cry all day.  Had some awful customers.  They’re regulars and simply have to complain about something every time they’re in.  Yesterday a guy I work with made them a latte each.  The customers then left said lattes on the table for a good fifteen-twenty minutes before complaining that the drinks were cold.  The husband drank most of his before his wife demanded that I make them both a fresh one. Which obviously I did but there was a lot of pressure which I felt most keenly.  Thankfully both of them made a point of complementing me on my barista skills, so phew.

Then today I woke up early when all I wanted to do was sleep the day away, but I stayed in bed because why move?  My friend wanted to go into town to return some jeans, which meant I had to go with her because she used my card when she bought them.  Bought a couple of DVDs to try and cheer myself up, and now I’m onto the beer.  Second route is the buzz. 

Today’s theme is secret.  This is reflected in the secret illnesses that dwell in the mind; because they don’t have any hugely-visible side-effects, and sufferers are bombarded with disbelief from those around them.

It sucks
I’m ill, leave me alone

Or hug me

Please hug me

Hope everyone’s OK out there.


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