So tired of living like a cut kite.

So you’re having a shit week.  You’re super depressed, super anxious, and super exhausted, and you’re scrolling down Facebook for the umpteenth time that hour because you have nothing else to do, when you see it.

Pictures of your friends having fun together without you.

Obviously.  i mean you’re the one that ruins the party right? The anxious one who sits in a corner unsure as to whether you’re wanted there.  And this is the confirmation that you aren’t.

And all that’s running through your head is all the times when texts “went missing en route” and times when you were told straight up that you weren’t wanted there and times when mutual friends told you that so-and-so thinks you’re annoying and 

I give so much of myself to other people.  I put so much effort into relationships, and yes I am terrified to text first because I will be annoying you but for God’s sake is it too much to ask to feel wanted??

I feel like shit and I don’t want to be here anymore.  

Hope everyone else is ok out there.


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