When You Wish Upon A Star⭐️

so tomorrow is A-Level results day, which means that 18 year-olds up and down the country are currently lying awake biting their nails. It’s an awful time, waiting to find out your future, and it was a similar situation for me a few weeks ago when I was awaiting my degree results.  These are big moments that can absolutely change the course of your life.

Remember, you are steering your canoe.  If you head down the wrong path, just paddle paddle paddle to where you need to be!  Or ride the rapids – you never know where they might lead, and you might even enjoy the ride!

The title of this is blog post stems from the meteor shower that we’ve been enjoying over the past few nights.

I lay on the patio last night and watched the shooting stars and yes, wished on them too (see Monday’s blog post for my thoughts on wishing!).

The only thing about it being a lovely clear night for stargazing is that the universe opened up for me.  I gazed into its gaping maw and wondered why everything matters so much.  This (along with yesterday’s anxiety-packed work day) sort of condensed everything into a little ball that’s sticking in my throat and it is not enjoyable.  

I got an email from UEA saying I’m on the waiting list for accommodation and I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get in soon.  This whole fortnight has just made me feel awful, and today wasn’t much better. 

I want to run away and just waste away quietly somewhere.  Urgh.

Hope everyone’s ok out there, and good luck!


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