Making The Choice Monday

which is on a Tuesday night because I am awful and got stuck into a new book series.  All 5 of whose books I read back to back in 24 hours with breaks for 4 hours sleep and Parks and Rec.  Whoops…  I might review it soon! 


Today’s conundrum is WOULD YOU RATHER: Live out your life as a board game character in Cluedo or Risk?

Straight out I am saying Cluedo.  I would make a terrible world ruler.  Pedestrians walking slower than 4mph would be outlawed.   So would avocados.   Anyway, that’s for another post.

This is also due to the fact that I have no military expertise.  My field orders would be limited to: “you, go over there and shoot him!”  “Where are the armoured knights???  Where are the Orcs???  22 years of reading Eddings and Tolkein didn’t prepare me for this!!!”

But think about how much fun you’d have living in Cluedo!  You’d have an awesome house with a library and secret passageways, and wear posh clothes and throw dinner parties.  Sure, there might be a murderer, but there’s always a convenient lead pipe in the ballroom to defend yourself wi –

Oh, I said too much 

Hope everyone’s ok out there! Be sure to let me know which one you’d pick in the comments! 


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