Monday 24th August

Honestly these weeks are going by far too quickly.  I start my MA in less than a month!! *Ina Garten voice* how crazy is that????????

It’s terrifying actually.  I wish I had the ability to slow down time and just get my head on straight before I go.  This weekend wasn’t particularly fun for me anxiety-wise, what with work and then my cousin’s 21st party, at which I knew about 20% of people.  And then I fell through a plastic garden chair.  Not fun and I nearly cried in front of 50 people.  Ah well.

Drove home with two of my cousins and my brother.  We were trying to follow my uncle, but quickly lost him on the motorway, and so had to fend for ourselves.  Thanks to google maps, it took us 2 hours to get home when it should have taken 1.5 at the very most.  Thanks Google!

Going back to the subject of time, it is time for Making the Choice Mondays!

Today’s conundrum is: would you rather live 1 x 1000 year life or 10×100 year lives?

This one is tough on the outside, but once you get down to it, I find the choice quite simple.

Just imagine the experiences you could have in a 1000 year-long lifetime!  The things you would see and the memories you would make!  

However, in my opinion, all of that would be worthless if your loved ones didn’t have the same extended lifespan.  It would be utterly heartbreaking to watch people die decade after decade.  It is for this reason that I would much rather live 10 different lives.  I could meet so many people and have so many different experiences.  What if you were born into the Middle Ages one time and then into the 24th century the next?  It would be incredible!

Unless the friends and family I made in my 1000 year life, it wouldn’t be worth living. 

(Is it anyway though???)

Hope everyone’s ok out there.  Tell me your choice and suggestions for conundrums in the comments!


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