The Great Escape

   So my depression has crept up on me again in the past few days.  I am in that weird limbo situation where it's cancelled out my anxiety and I am unable to care about everything that my body is screaming to at me to care about and I just cannot see any reason to get … Continue reading The Great Escape

Wednesday Roundup

So I have been AWOL for a while.  Let me tell you why... So as I type, I am crashing on my cousin's floor in Norwich.  I moved down on Sunday, despite having nowhere to live.  To summarise my housing struggle: UEA accommodation was ridiculously expensive.  The room they offered me was >£7000 a year, … Continue reading Wednesday Roundup

A Monday Update

no Making The Choice Monday today because I am too drained. Today the people I was going to live with messaged me and said they were moving into a smaller house.  Without me.  So I am homeless and my course starts in 6 days. I am so, so stressed out, and so anxious.  I have … Continue reading A Monday Update

Foodie Friday: Custard Creams!

so guess who's back? (Back again) Feeling slightly more mentally stable this week, although not that much. So last week I explored Norwich.  It's very pretty, and it is very much sinking in that I'm not in Hull anymore.  Hence slight depression. Got a room in halls, to which my parents said they can't afford … Continue reading Foodie Friday: Custard Creams!

An update

So no Making the Choice Monday yesterday, and that was because I made the choice to collapse in a heap after working the entire Bank Holiday weekend.  Anyone working in the café/restaurant industry will understand me (SO many awkward customers!!!)!   Anyway, onto the UEA journey again.  I managed to register last week, and this … Continue reading An update