Wednesday Roundup

So I have been AWOL for a while.  Let me tell you why…

So as I type, I am crashing on my cousin’s floor in Norwich.  I moved down on Sunday, despite having nowhere to live.  To summarise my housing struggle:

  • UEA accommodation was ridiculously expensive.  The room they offered me was >£7000 a year, so I had to turn it down.  Shame on them for charging students so much!
  • Started the house hunt.  Was part of a group of 4, but they faffed around so much that I joined a group of 5 who were more on the ball.  
  • Got a message from this group of five telling me that they were moving into a 4 bed house.
  • House hunting again: joined a group of 6, booked viewings for 6 bed houses.  One person bailed.
  • House hunted for 5 bed houses, booked a viewing.  1 person bailed.
  • Signed a contract for a 4 person house.  THEY ALL BAILED AND DIDNT TELL ME.
  • So at this point I had to move down to Norwich.  Crashed on my cousin’s floor.  Hopefully signing for a room tonight.  
  • Tl;dr: people are dicks.

I am so stressed.  I keep having anxiety attacks and have broken down more than a few times this week.

On a happier note, I had my first lecture yesterday.  I can tell I’m really gonna love my courseeven though there are only 7 of us on it!  My lecturers are awesome.  The coordinator asked “who likes stationery? I love stationery. You can finally use one of those notebooks that you have just sitting on your notebook shelf in this course!” and I was like “HOW DOES SHE KNOW I HAVE A NOTEBOOK SHELF???”.  So yeah, we’ll get along great!

Going out with my friend from my BA for drinks tonight, which will be good :). Fingers crossed for the next few days.

Hope everyone’s ok out there!


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