Foodie Friday: Cheat’s Pizza

So I have been utterly not motivated to do anything in the slightest these last few weeks (can you tell?) and life is plodding along.  

Depression, anxiety and funds have utterly drained me, so food has been “stuff that’s easy and nice to eat”.  But it’s student food on a budget that’s not that beige in colour, so I thought I’d share…

It’s so good, so easy, and so quick to make, with minimal washing up.  So, you will need:

1 wrap

1-2 tbsp tomato pesto

1 handful of cherry tomatoes

As much Camembert as you want! It’s a little strong so go by your tastes.  You could also use Brie or mozzarella or other melt cheeses

Salt, pepper, herbes de Provence 

So, start off with your wrap

I used some warburtons square ones like this:  

Spread the pesto all over the surface.  Next, tear up the Camembert with your fingers (or use a knife if you’re not into the rustic look) and dot it (un)evenly across the pesto.

Cut the tomatoes in half and scatter over.  Season with s&p, and the herbes de provence.  I use them in pretty much everything I cook; they add such great flavour!

Blitz the ‘pizza’ in the microwave until the cheese is melted and the tomatoes have softened.

Hope everyone’s ok out there 


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