My Experience With Reverse-Washing

Why do I set alarms?  I was so happy being asleep. Oh yeah, the 5000 word thing. Anyway, I was procrastinating my essay scrolling through Pinterest the other day, when I came across a pin about reverse-washing your hair.  In case you're unfamiliar with the idea, it means using conditioner first, then shampoo.      … Continue reading My Experience With Reverse-Washing


my thoughts on Paris seeing as James kept asking when he got back from his reading week. I love France. I’ve loved it ever since I was about 5 and picked up a children’s book teaching basic French. I drank the language in, admired the pictures and the implied culture. I immersed myself in it … Continue reading Also

So, um… My bad

I fell off the wagon, I guess? Both in terms of blogging and in taking my meds for a while so Severe depression and anxiety and blogging doesn't mix really But I am back on the wagon now (note to self, take meds!!!) and ready to share with you all My Life of the Past … Continue reading So, um… My bad