my thoughts on Paris seeing as James kept asking when he got back from his reading week.

I love France. I’ve loved it ever since I was about 5 and picked up a children’s book teaching basic French. I drank the language in, admired the pictures and the implied culture. I immersed myself in it in our repeated family holidays to the country. Paris soon became my favourite place on earth. My degree was in French and Spanish, emphasis on the French so that I could learn everything I could. I spent a year abroad during which I lived in Lyon, immersing myself amongst the French people. I spent my 21st birthday in Paris, and went on a night out in the streets where the café shootings took place. 
I have friends in Paris, and spent Friday night lying awake waiting for them to tell me they were safe.
I am an avid gig goer, and have been at a gig where I bought merch from Nick Alexander.
I changed my Facebook profile to one with the French tricolore superimposed on me to show solidarity with the city which had become such a sanctuary to me, to show solidarity with its people, and with my French friends who sent me messages of appreciation for doing so.
This does not mean that I “don’t care” about the rest of the world.
My heart breaks for the people of Beirut, Mexico, Japan, and all the other places affected by disaster.
But Paris hit me where it hurt.
Paris, je t’aime et mes pensées t’accompagnent.  


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