My Experience With Reverse-Washing

Why do I set alarms?  I was so happy being asleep.

Oh yeah, the 5000 word thing.

Anyway, I was procrastinating my essay scrolling through Pinterest the other day, when I came across a pin about reverse-washing your hair.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the idea, it means using conditioner first, then shampoo.   

This was a completely alien concept to me.  I mean shampoo first is pretty much second nature to all of us, right?  But this pinner went on and on about how soft and curly and wonderful and magical her hair felt after washing it like this, so I thought “why not try this”.  

So, yesterday morning I decided to try it. (There was one flaw in this plan, and that is that I went on a spontaneous night out on Saturday. All I wanted to do was wash the shame guilt night/smoke machine out of my hair the usual way, but I ploughed on.  Also I was still drunk because someone let me have tequila shots towards the end of the night BUT I did it anyway because it was on my Schedule and if my Schedule is disrupted then I get Very Anxious).

So there I was in the shower, eyeing up the conditioner bottle with a look of – well, disdain.  My hair is very thick, and conditioner takes FOREVER to wash out anyway, but combined with shampoo??

You have to lather up your whole head with the conditioner too – something else that just feels wrong.  So I got my whole head wet, and went for it, all the articles about how it would make my roots horrendously greasy floating round in my head as I did so.  I usually let my conditioner soak while I use body wash and shave, and that day was no different.  

When it came to the shampoo, I tipped my head back into the water for a second so as not to be working with dryer hair, and applied my shampoo straight on top of the conditioner.  It felt SO WRONG.

Honestly when I washed it all out I was so relieved.

It was a Sunday and I wasn’t going anywhere, so I let my hair airdry.

Dear reader, there were no curls.  However, my hair only goes naturally curly at a certain length, which we have gone past thanks to my fear of new hairdressers.

Also it felt pretty dry as it was drying?

But I woke up today and it is lovely and soft! Gonna use the dry shampoo though because I’m going for food with Maya (old housemate and creator of this slice of heaven) later, and I don’t want to look too awful (yes she’s seen me partially dressed and in a v bad place before but shhhh we’ll be in public this time).

So yeah, I might do this once in a while, just to treat my hair to the softness.

Hope everyone’s ok out there.


My fringe started to go pretty greasy at the 4 hour mark 😦 also my hair is a little untamed and ratty looking after the wind, so I’ve come back to mine between my seminar and going to meet Maya to drag a brush through it.  I then tried the whole “put your hair in a ponytail to curl it quickly” hack and it has WORKED!


there are curls I swear. my hair hates me.

So to sum up:

Not a fan of reverse washing.


7 thoughts on “My Experience With Reverse-Washing

    • belkatya says:

      It does feel really weird! That’s really interesting about going no-conditioner; my hair can get really greasy too! It’s quite thick though and looks like a mess if I don’t condition it 😦


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