We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet

For Auulllddd Laaaang Syyyyne So this is it, huh? 2015 is over and done with.  Not entirely sure how that happened because it's definitely still 2014 in my head. So, what to do?  How has this year passed so quickly, and what have I accomplished?  (You can check out my Instagram here!) So, going round … Continue reading We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet

Christmas Roundup

Hello everyone! Hope you all had good Christmasses.  I, personally, am trying to cling onto that festive/drunk feeling for as long as possible (what 5000 words?). Father Christmas brought me lots of lovely things like screwdrivers and candle holders and liqueurs.  He also (finally) brought me the FRIENDS box set so I have been marathoning … Continue reading Christmas Roundup

Christmas Baking | katastrophique.com

Christmas Baking

Song for the day: Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid. because tune. So I had meant to post this at about 2o'clock but apparently baking and wine came first.  Then the annual town carol service then more wine. This year even more hilarity was added to the concert because of a tumblr post … Continue reading Christmas Baking

Thought for the Week

I cannot believe that it's Christmas this week! Where has the year gone? Yesterday I went to my Grandad's carol service, as we do every year.  This year we were joined by my mum's brother, which was nice.  My Aunty was also doing the bell ringing for the service, so it was a bit of … Continue reading Thought for the Week

Foodie Fridays: Grantham Gingers

Foodie Saturdays this week! So after a little scare this morning, I decided to rearrange my schedule (!) and do some baking earlier in the week than planned to calm down. Back into mum's recipe book we delve to get her childhood bake on!  This book has 3 recipes for ginger biscuits and the resulting … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Grantham Gingers

Caution: Fragile

This is a negative ranty post as part of my documentation of my mental health.  Feel free to skip it.  So today began terribly.  I was supposed to be going into work at 9, but my lift (aka Mum) who works in the main office in the site where the café is was running late … Continue reading Caution: Fragile

So today I did a shift at work.  It was only 10-4:30 because the weather was miserable and no-one came, but my feet hurt so much! On the plus side, I can now afford some shoes that I've been after for ages. Wooo. Also I got officially made an admin for a Super Special Project, … Continue reading

Homesickness for the Languages Student

It's currently 2:45am and I cannot sleep for the life of me. To try and help with this, I am wandering around Granada in my head.  I lived and studied there for a semester on my year abroad, and I miss the city so much. Does wandering around it in my head help with that? … Continue reading Homesickness for the Languages Student

Foodie Fridays: Give It A Go

So today marks the end of my first semester of my MA.  Can you believe how fast it's gone since my first post stressing about it?? Me neither  So today I sent in my 5000 word essay on scripture translation.  It is a terrible essay but there wasn't anything else I could do to it … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Give It A Go

MACtastic: My Four Fave MAC Lipsticks

So the party season is upon us, and it's time to Get Glam.  I covered my basic beauty routine waaaay back here, and today I thought I'd share my top 4 MAC lipsticks for you lovely lot.  If there's two makeup products I couldn't live without, it would be lipstick and eyeliner.  And my #1 … Continue reading MACtastic: My Four Fave MAC Lipsticks