Foodie Fridays: Sausage and Bacon Hash

Today has been a rollercoaster.  I had a v important meeting at 10, so I caught the bus to uni at 9:10 this morning.   It then turned out that there was an accident on the road ahead, so the bus still hadn’t left the stop 15 mins later!  I had to run to another stop 10 mins away and managed to jump on the other route, but that bus driver was the nicest man in the world, and let every car, van and snail pull out in front of him.  My schedule got disrupted and I was v. stressed.

Anyway, the meeting went well (had to do some emergency fringe plaiting because it was plastered to my forehead).  I was meeting with a professional translator to go over my portfolio, and she said some of my work was better than the professionals who’d translated the book beforehand so yay!  We also ended up talking Les Mis fanfiction and she didn’t push me into traffic like I kept dreaming 🙂 all’s good there.

So I have no baking recipes to share with you this week.  My housemate made a load of chocolate cupcakes, and offered me one only because he used my cupcake cases.  He also made a weight jibe but that is beside the point (not really though because these last few weeks have not been the time).
Anyway, I escaped my world of pasta to eat out twice (!) this week.  On Monday I met up with the lovely Maya (of BA housemate fame), and we went to Bella Italia for food with a voucher (woohoo). 

Today I met up with my friend from my BA, and we went shopping.  We had lunch at this really nice café that my Aunty took me to (No 33 in Norwich), and I had this delicious plate of yum:


seriously good stuff

It was sausage and bacon hash, and consisted of beautifully cooked new potatoes, with loads (and I mean loads) of sausage, chorizo, bacon and ham.  It was topped with a perfectly poached egg and rocket, which was dressed in all the juices.

I think I died and went to heaven.

It was £8 and worth every penny.  It’s such a cute café and the cake is to die for!  My next trip will entail their “Posh Mushrooms on Toast” which looks incredible too.

Anyway, I now have 500 words to write and a grandad to phone…

Hope everyone’s ok out there!


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