All I Want For Christmas (and my future and my happiness and)

So this week has come round incredibly quickly.  I have 500 words of this essay left to write until I hit 5000,and then I plan to rewrite the whole thing because it’s the worst essay I have ever written ever in my life ever.
So to cheer myself up, I went on Amazon.  This was a Bad Idea because I’m trying not to spend money that I don’t have, however, I found a CD I’m after in the “things you might like” box for £2.84! AND available on Amazon Prime, which means free next day shipping!  Great! Immediate purchase! Realising it was dispatched to my home address instead of uni so I have to wait a week anyway! Wooooo!

In case you’re wondering, the CD was by an incredible band called San Cisco.  I discovered them on an 8tracks playlist, and fell in love with their song Fred Astaire.  It’s quite a summery song, but very much a feel-good one too.  

Anyway, this post is also inspired by my brother moaning at me for not having a concise Christmas list. 

Yes, I , the ever organised, do not have one concise Christmas list.  I have 1 massive list divided into 4 categories.  Everything on there is something I want; I just would prefer to be surprised by getting something from a wide range of items than narrowing the list down and knowing what I’m going to get.

Also I get kind of anxious because I have an irrational fear that the items which don’t make it onto the Ultimate List will have serious FOMO and I can’t do that to inanimate objects that I don’t own.

I know, I’m a mess.

So, what are these lists?

  1. Media: Books, CDs and DVDs that I wish to own.   

    a small selection of the many many many…

  2. House Warming: Things like kitchen appliances and cushions for my future house/right now because I will marry whoever buys me a kitchenaid stand mixer (available here).   Or whoever voices a wish to hug me as I really am that needy and desperate right now. 

    so majestic/THE DREAM

  3. Languages/Translation: contains things like a French thesaurus, and a book called Ella Minnow Pea.   (Available here)

    it’s all about a town who have to use less and less letters as time goes on. eventually they can only use a couple! it looks so interesting

  4. Generic Wants: other things like makeup or stationary.  Some of these are just for my own purposes like “I will buy this next paycheck”. I mean, look at this mug (available here)! 



How do you sort out your list? What’s on it?  Maybe you’ll be inspired!

Hope everyone’s ok out there!


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