Foodie Fridays: Give It A Go

So today marks the end of my first semester of my MA.  Can you believe how fast it’s gone since my first post stressing about it??

Me neither 

So today I sent in my 5000 word essay on scripture translation.  It is a terrible essay but there wasn’t anything else I could do to it because nothing can make that shit better and I never want to see it again ever in my life.

So I went into town with the intention of getting a Black Forest Gâteau hot chocolate from Costa because it is INCREDIBLE and I love it.

However, when I got on the bus it was heaving, and it was sit next to a stranger or stand.  One of the girls from my poetry seminar was on there, so I sat next to her and we chatted on the way in.  When it came for us to go to different places, we just carried on talking about languages and translation, and so decided to go get coffee together.  

We went to a sweet little brasserie in the lanes called The Iron House, enticed in by its white chocolate and cranberry cake.

Excellent decision.  It was gorgeous.


excuse the terrible lighting. it was a brasserie after all…

I also had a crème brûlée latte, because I love crème brûlée and I love lattes.  There wasn’t much of a crème brûlée flavour, but it was warm and caffeinated so I wasn’t too upset.

Ok I was.  IFL crème brûlée.

Anyway, I helped hindered Keely finding a suitcase, and then I went to get a celebratory tea.  I have been told magical magical things about Grosvenor’s Fish Bar, so it was here that I headed. 

it was a tad busy

It’s located in the lovely setting of Lower Goat Lane, which is super pretty at night in the winter:

Anyway, there was a long queue so there was a bit of a wait, but I ordered haddock and chips with mushy peas and curry sauce (because I am northern), took my order number, and waited.

It took about 10 minutes, but there was a big queue and a restaurant to serve so I wasn’t too bothered.




I was so happy! I did my BA in Hull, so I had resigned myself to a sad life without this magical condiment.


I drowned my chips in it. NO REGRETS


£8.50 worth of fish and chips

Final thoughts: £8.50 was a bit very steep  I thought. Also the fish was greasy and the batter just peels right off.
However, the chips were lovely.

Might go again but not get the fish. Maybe a cone of chips will suffice.

On the other hand, they do have interesting specials…


I have to go and pack to go home tomorrow now.  I also have loads of gin and tonic to drink…

Hope you’re all ok out there!


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