Thought for the Week

I cannot believe that it’s Christmas this week! Where has the year gone?

Yesterday I went to my Grandad’s carol service, as we do every year.  This year we were joined by my mum’s brother, which was nice.  My Aunty was also doing the bell ringing for the service, so it was a bit of a family affair. 

The green bit in the bottom left is the beginnings of a Northern Lights show. No daemons sadly.

I consider myself agnostic, but there’s just something about the Christmas services that I absolutely adore.  The whole atmosphere, the carols themselves, mulled wine afterwards… It just feels very festive.

Anyway, my grandad started his service off with a mini-lesson about wrapping paper (he’s 87 ok).

All the things we love most about Christmas are akin to wrapping paper.  Kids love to play with it, perhaps even more so than the present inside. Here, the wrapping consists of carols, food, presents, decorations, all of which we love.  However, the gift inside, of love, peace, acceptance, is often overlooked in favour of the wrapping paper.  It is important, said my grandad, that we remember that the wrapping can be recycled year after year.  The gift must be passed on.  

It just struck a cord with me, especially after seeing a post on Facebook calling for a list of lonely OAPs to make an extra plate of Christmas dinner for, and after reading Georgia’s post earlier today.

I do love playing with the wrapping paper though…

More recipes coming your way on Wednesday, then a short hiatus until next Monday.  Hope everyone’s ok out there!


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