Christmas Roundup

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had good Christmasses.  I, personally, am trying to cling onto that festive/drunk feeling for as long as possible (what 5000 words?).

Father Christmas brought me lots of lovely things like screwdrivers and candle holders and liqueurs.  He also (finally) brought me the FRIENDS box set so I have been marathoning that for a few days (I don’t have Sky so my life has been friendless for a few years).

I got this amazing box from my Aunty:

 I am totally in love with it.  I can’t decide what to store in it though – maybe alcohol?
Something else I got (this time from my brother) was this One Word Journal: 


Basically you describe your day in one word (really Katie? Couldn’t tell…).  This is great for people like me who have trouble with doing big write ups, and I can’t wait to flick back through it in a few years time and try and decipher what happened that day (knowing me the word will be “cheese”).  I might start a Sunday segment where I do a roundup of my week in seven words…

Today my cousin and I took our grandad into the Boxing Day sales and I got a few more things from my wishlists (remember those?).  These included Kingsman on DVD (finally, thanks HMV sale) and the incredible “Tequila Mockingbird” and “Gone with the Gin” cocktail books. My friend had them on our year abroad and they are fantastic.  Maybe one or two of the recipes might get reviewed on Foodie Fridays!  I was very good and tried not to buy the whole of the rest of Waterstones though.

Anyway, my godfather is about to rock up on his motorbike (not Sirius Black sadly) so I had better dash.  Stay tuned for my New Year’s Resolutions later this week!  

Hope everyone’s ok out there

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