We’ll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet

For Auulllddd Laaaang Syyyyne

So this is it, huh? 2015 is over and done with.  Not entirely sure how that happened because it’s definitely still 2014 in my head.

So, what to do?  How has this year passed so quickly, and what have I accomplished? 

I picked 9 photos from my Instagram to sum up this year.

(You can check out my Instagram here!)

So, going round the board, we have:

  1. Turned 22!  My housemate Ffion and I had a joint Harry Potter-themed party.  We had that photo booth, cauldrons full of cocktails, cauldron cakes, and candles hanging from the ceiling. I was super proud of myself!
  2. Went back to Granada!  I spent almost 4 months of my life living there, and it’s such a beautiful city.  I just had to go back and eat all the tapas.
  3. Got into and started my MA course!  Never thought I’d get into it what with how shocking all my oral exams were, but I’m now living the educational dream.  I’ve had opportunities that meant I’ve had a published translation and I’m heading up an editorial team for a renowned journal!
  4. Kept in contact with some beautiful people 🙂
  5. GRADUATED FROM MY BA!! Speaks for itself really.
  6. End of Year Ball 2015 which meant I had a good send off with my BA friends.  Graduation Tower was foiled…
  7. Settled in to UEA.  It’s got ugly buildings but the rabbits are cute.
  8. Handing in my final BA assignments which were both bitches of essays.
  9. Moved to Norwich which is my favourite English place I’ve lived.  (Sorry, Lyon will always win best place ever).
  10. Not included in the top 9 because they wouldn’t fit are: the adventure home from seeing Paloma Faith (no trains, buses that abandoned us in industrial estates at 1am…), seeing The Blackout for the last time (sob), and of course seeing Fall Out Boy again.

So how is 2016 going to top this?

Here are my goals for the next year:

  1. KEEP BLOGGING.  No more hiatuses. Similarly:
  2. Think of better ideas for great content.
  3. Keep up with my One Word Journal.
  4. LOSE 70 LBS.  I cannot keep being this fat.  I am actually clinically obese and it’s not good for my physical or mental health.  I need to stop comfort eating when I’m sad (which is pretty much constantly).
  5. Be skinny enough to actually land a boyfriend and stop feeling so lonely and Behind On Life. 
  6. ACE MY MA!  With the exception of the scripture translation essay which I’ve probably (definitely) failed.
  7. Take up Keely’s offer to go for coffee with her because my coursemates aren’t v sociable.
  8. Do more reading for pleasure.  The Translation Studies Reader just isn’t going to cut it…

So yeah, attainable goals…  What are yours?

Anyway, my one of my favourite people is making a last-minute trip to my hometown to see the horrors of a night out here. I’ve not seen Lizzie since graduation, and I cannot wait to celebrate NYE with her!!! 

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope you’re all ok out there.

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