Reading Challenge!

So I got some incredible news earlier and I am so excited. I’m fairly sure I woke up still going “eeeeeeeeeeeeeee” 

EDIT: whilst this was sitting in draft form they went ahead and announced it publically, so I can finally say: TWO OF MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE ARE GETTING HITCHED! My old housemate and her boyfriend (who was an honorary housemate) are the perfect match and I am so so happy for them! I cried when they told me!

Other than the happiness, I’m kind of anxious because it’s my birthday in 2 week’s time, but I’ll be back at uni then so I’m trying to sort out doing something with my friends here.   I don’t want to annoy people this year, so I’m having to reword my sentences multiple times because I don’t want to make people annoyed.  I mean, it’s me, and people shouldn’t be forced to celebrate me in a way they don’t want to.  They won’t want to celebrate me.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that.

EDIT 2: today I organised a bit more, and the anxiety made me cry. I really am not in a good way at the moment!  I started to panic at the weekend for commenting on a Facebook status.  Maybe I need to get my meds upgraded…

ANYWAY, I have been throwing myself into the resolutions I made at New Years! Namely:

  • Keep blogging (hello!)
  • Fresh ideas (hey there!)
  • Keep up with my one word journal (post coming Sunday)
  • Finish a fic that I’m writing (I’ve written 2 paragraphs since  NYD so… Yay?)

In keeping with the last one, I took a good, long look at my Goodreads lists, realised I still have way too many books to read, and resolved to try and get through as many as possble.  My challenge is to get through 50 this year, which is going to be too easy I fear – I’ve read 2 so far because I have an essay to write .

Anyway, I was wondering if I could enlist you guys to help me choose my next book! I’m going to run a poll until my essay deadline so I don’t get distracted by books (dammit it’s so hard!).

Here are the top 10 best-reviewed books on my to-read list ( not including non-fiction and poetry).

(Yes the last one is technically non-fiction but Carrie is adorable ok)

Hope you’re all doing alright out there!  


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