In My Basket

No Foodie Fridays today guys! Mainly because I haven’t made anything particularly impressive; most of my meals lately have consisted of poached eggs and sweet potatoes.  I did make my root veg and chorizo soup the other day and that was absolutely gorgeous.

As far as food has gone, I tried the new Starbucks coconut milk latte today.  It was nice; lighter than cow’s milk and longer-lasting.  Not sure I would make it my regular though.   

I didn’t blog on Wednesday this week because it was my birthday.  I turned 23 and feel v old.  I spent my day wandering round town making use of all my store card offers, like £5 vouchers at Paperchase.  Bought myself an adorable hipflask with that!  

I also raided various bookshops across the city, including the Oxfam bookshop which has an ENTIRE SECTION DEDICATED TO FOREIGN LIT AND TRANSLATION! (So does the Norwich Waterstones but Oxfam is cheaper and the money goes to charity so)

I got a textbook that my lecturer had recommended the day before for £2.99.  Had to go to Waterstones for her other recommended book, but that comes with a store card so

Treats I got for my birthday included a cocktail set from my parents (complete with mason jar glasses woooo), prosecco with my cousin, and this adorable makeup bag from my best friend

it is actually incredibly empowering


Yesterday was quite stressful for me, and there were people coming to view my house today so I escaped into town again.  I hate hate hate being on the house when someone’s viewing it.  I feel so awkward.  I went to Starbucks and intended to hang out and write for a bit until I’d outstayed my welcome, then I went back to the oxfam bookshop and new look. 


I bought the Lord of the Rings series in French, and a Barthes essay.  I hate that man but he is so important to translation, especially S-Z.  At least that’s not in French…

I also found a pair of heels in the New Look sale that I’ve been longing for for a while, and some new earrings: 

the middle top pair are ugly but that’s always the way isn’t it?

 I wanted to refresh my stud collection and the bottom right ones are sooooo pretty!

Anyway, splurge over.  I just got back from something which was and is incredibly anxiety-inducing so I’m gonna marathon parks and rec again and not drink a shit ton of gin.

Hope everyone’s ok out there! 



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