New Segment! What I’m Pinning Wednesday

Wednesday was the only day of the week that I regularly blog on which didn’t have its own scheduled segment, so I decided to make one for it.  (I didn’t want it to feel left out ok)

I don’t know about you guys (OK, so I can guess) but Pinterest is one of the most addictive social media sites out there.


look how pretty!

Not only is it addictive, but it’s actually useful.  A pin board for everything and everything you could possibly imagine.  I have boards for story writing, for how-to-adult masterposts, for recipes that I want to try… So many boards (you can follow me here).  So many pins too.  It’s ADDICTIVE.

And the most unexpected things go viral because everyone is so different and has unique (P)interests.   

So.  What are the last five things I pinned and why?

  1.  This room dividerI pinned this because it looks so pretty and easy to make.  I have a few boards dedicated to my future house and this would look adorable in it!  You can find it here.
  2. This cushion/chair combo  I pinned this because the cushion is something I need in my life.  Not only this but the overall feel of the furniture in this picture is gorgeous.  I would love to have a little corner like this in my home!  You can find this pin here.
  3. This dream mansion  Ok so I’m never going to live somewhere like this but a girl can dream right?  You can find it here.
  4. A recipe for garlic chicken  I doubt I need to fully explain why I pinned this.  It looks mouth-wateringly yummy and I cannot wait to try it out.  Find the pin here.
  5. This Indian temple  I have a board or 3 for places I want to travel to.  This temple looks absolutely incredible!  I would love to see it irl.  Pin it from here.

I’m off to go and pin a lot more stuff.  What have you been pinning lately?

Hope everyone’s ok out there  



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