What Makes An Ace Blogger: what I learnt from the Huffington Post’s Jody Thompson 

Song for the day: Drôle de Vie by Ely et Lila Because it is a fantastic feel-good song about friendship. On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Working With Words conference at UEA.  I got to hear a whole host of speakers, including bestselling author Emma Healey, but a seminar which really captured … Continue reading What Makes An Ace Blogger: what I learnt from the Huffington Post’s Jody Thompson 

An Introvert Amongst Extroverts: Why It’s Hard

Song for the day:  You Are Not by Young Guns Because Young Guns are one of my favourite bands and this song is so empowering when you're feeling down. Today is Friday, but the most adventurous I've been food-wise this week has been making ratatouille with aubergine so it's not been overly exciting (fry up … Continue reading An Introvert Amongst Extroverts: Why It’s Hard

My Experience With Coconut Oil Pulling

Song for the day: Club Tropicana by Wham! Because tropical. My poll for my Spring Reads ended on Monday!  Thank you to everyone who voted; it turns out that I'll be reading The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore!  I'm looking forward to it. Today I thought I'd talk about the coconut oil pulling that I've … Continue reading My Experience With Coconut Oil Pulling

Making Hard Choices: Mental Health at Uni.

It's Monday again!  Today's choice is a bit of a heavy one, so feel free to skip it if it's not what you're into.  Why not try these cupcakes instead? Today I took the long train journey back to uni after a relaxing weekend back at home with my dog.  And my family, but mainly … Continue reading Making Hard Choices: Mental Health at Uni.

Foodie Fridays: Forest Fruits Cupcakes

Song for the day: Irresistible by Fall Out Boy ft Demi Lovato Because my boys + I was listening to this song when I was baking so Yeah I've been baking again!  I've come home for the weekend because I've been so stressed out and anxious and I just need to chill for a bit. … Continue reading Foodie Fridays: Forest Fruits Cupcakes

What’s In My Bag?

(not quite my basket - although I did score an adorable new pair of Chelsea boots in the New Look sale) Song for the day: Proof, by Paramore Picked because I'm getting the train back home and this song is part of my Second Year Trains playlist (that was 3 years ago?? whaaaaat) and always gets … Continue reading What’s In My Bag?

My Want-To-Reads for Spring!

Song for the day: Grown Woman by Beyoncé In honour of my going to see her at Wembley in July with my friends from my year abroad.  We jokingly called ourselves the Official Beyoncé Fan Club and consider "our song" to be Drunk In Love, so needless to say we are v excited for this! … Continue reading My Want-To-Reads for Spring!

What I’m Giving Up For Lent

ft What I'm Pinning Wednesday Lent has really rolled around quickly this year!  I didn't realise it was Shrove Tuesday until it was already here and then gone again - it's the first time in five years of uni that I haven't celebrated.  I even made pancakes (crêpes really) on my year abroad, and we used … Continue reading What I’m Giving Up For Lent

Making The Choice Mondays

Here we are again!  This week has passed in a blur of anxiety and stress and stranxiety.  Today I decided I needed to try and make this week a fresh start, so I hoovered my room, washed my bedding, towels, clothes, and everything else there is to wash in my room.  I swapped out my … Continue reading Making The Choice Mondays

Katastrophique's ultimate playlists

My “Get Stuff Done” Playlist!

No Foodie Fridays this week because the most exciting thing I did food-wise was to add onions to my usual Subway order.  Although that was delicious. As I mentioned on Wednesday, this week has not been particularly good for my anxiety.  I had a full afternoon of workshops, seminars and meetings yesterday that I knew … Continue reading My “Get Stuff Done” Playlist!