What I’m Pinning Wednesday

How is it Wednesday already?  I am in definite need of Bernard’s Watch so I can just catch up a little bit.

It has been a horrendous mental health week.  I had to stay in bed yesterday afternoon because I couldn’t keep myself upright.  Then today I had to go to a languages conference and this went terribly because my chest was filled with acid and my head was filled with smoke and my lecturer kept asking me if I was ok.

I did come out with a load of free books though, so perks.  

Anyway.  What have I been pinning this week?


  1. This cherry pie envelope.  I will make this at some point and drink it with a damn fine cup of coffee. I will also be talking to Diane via my dictaphone but that’s another matter. Pin this here.
  2. This inspiring quote   this is because of said shit mental health week.  I cannot go another year feeling like I can’t walk down certain roads or stairs or into my kitchen in case I annoy someone.  Pin this here.
  3. This picture of Seville  I have a board with places I’ve travelled to.  I went here whilst on my year abroad to visit a friend and fell in love with the city (who doesn’t?).  Pin it here.
  4.  This elephant pot The water drains right into the sink.  Plus it’s adorable.  Pin it here.
  5. My post on reverse washing.  I know this is a bit cheeky but I do like pinning blog posts.  It’s good for traffic and I like to categorise everything. This is in my hair board so I can keep it all in one place.  Pin it here or just read the post here!

You can follow me on Pinterest here.  What have you been pinning recently?  

 Hope everyone’s ok out there! 


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