Making The Choice Mondays

Here we are again!  This week has passed in a blur of anxiety and stress and stranxiety.  Today I decided I needed to try and make this week a fresh start, so I hoovered my room, washed my bedding, towels, clothes, and everything else there is to wash in my room.  I swapped out my black cherry reed diffuser for my favourite vanilla, and I also changed the filter in my Brita jug.  Clean, fresh.  (I also bought chocolate ice cream and red wine but y’know.  Emergencies.)

Grease-Live-CastI don’t know about you guys but I have become absolutely obsessed with Grease: Live!.  Grease has always been one of my favourite films, but add Aaron Tveit into the mix and I am sold.  I thought it was so good, and I love love love Keke Palmer’s Freddy My Love and Jordan Fisher’s Magic Changes (and Jordan Fisher, come on guys).  And how good was Vanessa Hudgens considering the events of that weekend?! And the cameos from Didi Conn and Barry Pearl.  And Aaron’s tight clothing and his arms.  GAH.  I bought the soundtrack and I am currently on my 14th rewatch of the film.  Seriously guys, this is bad. Last week Pentatonix, this week Grease. ANYWAY.

Today’s question to be answered is: if you could choose 3 words to represent yourself right now, what would they be and why?

  1. Set.  As part of my cleansing process today I have reset my routines.  I now have goals to reach at least 3 times a day, and these are helping a little with my anxiety because I know I can split my day up and just get to that next goal on my checklist.  The last goal is bed, which I tend to lie in and drift and let the tightness in my head and chest spiral outwards.
  2. Drained.  I have spent this week in a stranxiety vortex, and I have honestly had to force myself to move (you may recall the Get Stuff Done playlist that has been in my ears when Grease hasn’t).  Not only this, but I have been taking my duties as Editor In Chief of an academic journal very seriously, yet it seems that the authority figures have not.  My lecturer finally replied to the constant emails I have been sending him since December this weekend, only to tell me that the wild goose chase he has sent me on in the meantime could have been avoided had he not been lying to me for the past two months.  I am so, so done.
  3. Inspired.  I have been translating small chunks from different genres as part of my MA uni work, and it is helping to focus my mind a little bit.  Now I just have to not kill certain members of my course in the meantime, even if they seem set on pissing me off every day of my existence.

Let me know your choices in the comments!

Now I have to go prepare for the return of my housemate, who has been away for the weekend but who has made it hard for me to leave my room because he makes my anxiety skyrocket even when I’m not in the same room as him and behind two locked doors.  I’m sorry this post couldn’t be more upbeat today but I just can’t get myself there right now. Here are some adorable sheep to help with that.6oBs5Sh

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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