My Want-To-Reads for Spring!

Song for the day: Grown Woman by Beyoncé

In honour of my going to see her at Wembley in July with my friends from my year abroad.  We jokingly called ourselves the Official Beyoncé Fan Club and consider “our song” to be Drunk In Love, so needless to say we are v excited for this!

Anyway, today I thought I would talk about five books that I want to read this spring.  If you saw my post at the beginning of the year (and if you didn’t, you can read it here) you’ll know that I’m aiming to power through a few books this year!  In fact, I’ve read 15 so far out of a goal of 75, so I’m getting places – my Goodreads “to-read” shelf is very much overflowing.

Here are 5 books that I want to read this Spring!

  1. The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater.
    This series caught my eye when I saw a fan-made photoset on Tumblr (you know, the type with ~character aesthetics).  The edit was beautiful, and the quotes were enthralling.  I looked up the storyline and knew immediately that I wanted to read this book!  You can find it on Amazon here.
  2. Fantasy by Ben Fama
    This is a recent collection of poetry which caught my eye after a classmate shared one of the poems in a seminar last year.  It was so beautifully written, and just up my street poetry-wise.  Maybe I’ll see if I can translate it into French one day!  You can find it on Amazon here.
  3. Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales by Various Authors
    This is a collection of fairy tales allegedly told to Gallifreyan children at bedtime.  As a self-confessed Whovian, these just called to me – they sound so fascinating!  The beautiful hardcover is also very appealing, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy (I have to cover my eyes when I go into Waterstones because I can’t afford it right now)!  You can find it on Amazon here.
  4. Jubilee by Margaret Walker
    I love autobiographical books from history, and this account of an illegitimate child of a plantation owner sounded incredibly interesting to me.  Reading books such as Twelve Years A Slave and The Help both fascinated me and broke my heart, so I am interested in reading another take on this period.  Find it on Amazon here.
  5. The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore
    This is a take on the classic Montagues and Capulets, set amongst magical forests and circus acts and looks so fantastical that I just have to give it a try!  It looks like it will be quite tantalising in its story-telling – enough to make me ignore the clichés and have it in my possession.  Find it on Amazon here.

What’s on your Spring reading list?

Hope you’re all ok out there!img_4828-16

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