What’s In My Bag?

(not quite my basket – although I did score an adorable new pair of Chelsea boots in the New Look sale)

Song for the day: Proof, by Paramore

Picked because I’m getting the train back home and this song is part of my Second Year Trains playlist (that was 3 years ago?? whaaaaat) and always gets me nostalgic for the trip back from Hull.  Simpler times, man, simpler times.

Anyway, I have today decided to share with you all the contents of my bag.  I have become known for carrying around “TARDIS bags” because my bags need to be deceptively huge and fit a lot in.  I wouldn’t say I’m the Mum friend, but I’m close.  Ok, I might be the irresponsible Aunty…

DSCF1215The bag: a Debenhams Collection beauty from the sales last summer!  This is my current everyday bag and so far it has not let me down in terms of sturdiness and capacity.


What’s in it: (not pictured: A ton of receipts and one Dairy Milk wrapper)

  • tissues
  • trusty pack of gum that makes suspicious rattling sounds when I walk.
  • massive purse to fit in all of my loyalty cards and 0 money
  • ID holder for my passport/license etc
  • trusty reusable bag from Paperchase because I’ll be dammed if I have to pay upwards of 5p every time I buy vegetables
  • pretty starry umbrella from New Look so I don’t have to wear a hood and be unable to see
  • phone!  (lifeline #1)
  • iPod Classic (lifeline #2)
  • owl torch that was a keyring but snapped and is still useful so I just put it in my bag…
  • pens and pencils because I was a girl guide and like to be prepared
  • a makeup bag which holds:DSCF1203
  • my meds and some paracetamol
  • my trusty Anker charger for when various lifelines die on me
  • a USB stick for emergencies
  • Vaseline for emergencies
  • the best-smelling hand cleanser you will ever own from Soap&Glory
  • emergency body spray (the Body Shop’s jasmine gorgeousness)
  • it also holds my lipstick when I take it out to reapply

And yet I always feel unprepared!  Must buy bigger bag.  What can’t you leave the house without?

I would also like to take this time to thank those who joined in with my BAFTA chat on Twitter – it was so much fun!  See you again for the Brits?

Also: have you voted for which book I should read next?  Find the post and the poll here!

Hope you’re all ok out there!


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