4 Things I Learnt From Blogging Every Day For A Month

Song for the day:  Sail by AWOLNATION That riff tho!  (Hey Aloha  Lola) So, unless you've unsubscribed from my emails because there were just SO MANY, you'll know that I've been taking part in the 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  (It's over now, please subscribe to me again!) It's been hard, I'm not gonna lie.  Finding … Continue reading 4 Things I Learnt From Blogging Every Day For A Month

Day 30: My Go-To Comfort Food

Song for the day: Budapest by George Ezra  because this song has stalked me this week. I did 3 hours straight of blogger chats last night!  I thought my thumbs were going to fall off!  But thanks to everyone in #misfitbloggers #askablogger and #fblchat for entertaining and helping me!  I also dipped in and out … Continue reading Day 30: My Go-To Comfort Food

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The Liebster Award #2

Song for the day: Rock Bottom by Hailee Steinfeld ft DNCE OMG I got nominated for the Liebster Award again!  I never thought I'd get nominated once, let alone twice!  Thank you to Caitlin at Little Ginger Blog 🙂 you're awesome, and the nomination was a ray of sunshine amongst the tirade of abuse I've had … Continue reading The Liebster Award #2

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Day 27&28

Song for the day: Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy because Meagan Camper's snapchat story So the Nice Message Chain is getting traction!  I'm so happy - and if you don't know what it is then I obviously haven't been spamming you on Twitter ;). Read all about it here. I didn't do my … Continue reading Day 27&28

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The Nice Message Chain

Song for the day:  Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars Because you're amaaaazing... Happy Easter everyone!  I'm stuffing my face with chocolate and I hope you are too. Hands up who was in the very first #stlbloggers chat last night?  Caitlin did an absolutely amazing job, and the chat was so much fun! … Continue reading The Nice Message Chain

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Day 24/25

(whoops) Song for the day: Hallelujah by Paramore Because nostalgia and the everywhere-ness of the word Hallelujah this weekend. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  I'm currently at my Grandad's for the weekend, and have come down with one of THE worst colds in existence.  Thank God this weekend will be full of chocolate huh?  And singing the … Continue reading Day 24/25

Day 24: This is a copout

Today's challenge was to talk about a challenging time in my life but I'm not in a good place mentally to relive any of them.  Sorry!

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Day 23: My Pet Peeves

Song for the day: Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and the Diamonds Because it's a very catchy song and I can tell it's going to be in my head ALL DAY on my shift. I just amped my anxiety up for the day by ringing the hairdressers.  Apparently 23 is no longer a child and I … Continue reading Day 23: My Pet Peeves

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Day 22: My Top 10 Favourite Songs

How on Earth is it Tuesday night already?  I just finished my shift for today, and it flew by.  Cake and coffee probably helped, but still... Firstly, I would like to extend my thoughts to everyone in Brussels and their families.  It was horrendous news to wake up to.  Extremism sucks. Today's challenge is to … Continue reading Day 22: My Top 10 Favourite Songs

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Day 21: Something I Miss

Song for the day: Satellite by All Time Low Because I love this song and I need something I love right now. Today was spent translation a French fairytale for one of my essays this holiday, along with a spot of topiary in the garden and #thegirlgang chat (of course) (#boobsquad). My friend got me … Continue reading Day 21: Something I Miss