blogging challenge

31 Day Blogging Challenge! Day 1.

Song for the day: Cheap Thrills by Sia

because it’s dancy and was a bit of sparkle on my very rainy commute this morning.

So here we are in March! Crazy huh?  I decided to take this month and have a go at this 31 day blogging challenge.

blogging challenge

Day 1: Intro Round

In case you didn’t know by now, I’m Katie!  I’m 23, and studying for my MA in Literary Translation at the University of East Anglia.  I have clinical depression and social anxiety, so I set this blog up to help me through the transition into MA life.  It’s actually helped a little bit!

I decided to take this challenge to challenge myself (really Katie?  Really?) to post something everyday.  Yeah, I know given the advice I shared with you all yesterday that this is a tad hypocritical, but I really want to up my blogging game, and you know what they say – practise makes perfect!

Tomorrow’s post will consist of facts, so I’ll cut this short here 🙂

Are you guys going to join me?  Hope you’re ok out there 🙂




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