blogging challenge

Day 2: Get To Know Me.

Song for the day: English Girls by The Maine

Because I am feeling hella nostalgic for my undergrad and this song reminds me of fourth year.  I also went to see The Maine again in January and this song is such a feel-good one live!

(I don’t know why I said hella, please forgive me…)


Anyway, today’s post in the 31 Day Blogging Challenge is all about me.  I’m going to try and not repeat the About Me page of my blog.  I’m also going to combine it with…

versatile blogger award

which I was awarded by the ever effervescent Bekkah over at beccaeatsbooks.  She is my best friend and you should go and check out her awesome reviews 🙂  (Does that count as a fact?)  Thanks angel face!

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that has nominated you.
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself. (The 31DC calls for 20 so here we go)
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice  (really??)
  • Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

20 19 facts about me:

19.  I am a self-confessed kitchen-equipment addict.
18.  I am probably happiest whilst at a gig.
17.  My favourite band in the whole world is Fall Out Boy.
16.  I am currently studying for my MA in Literary Translation.
15.  English is my native language but I also speak French and Spanish.
14.  I have attended 4 different universities over 5 years: University of Hull for my BA, Universidad de Granada and Université Lyon 3 Jean Moulin on my year abroad, and UEA for my MA.
13.  My favourite series ever is The Belgariad/Mallorean by David Eddings.
12. I have an ever-growing notebook collection and I love it.
11.  If there’s a tumblr fandom for a TV series I’m probably in it.
10.  I love classic Disney!
9.  My greatest fear is not being able to breathe properly.
8.  I have never had a boyfriend.
7.  I am 23 years old (which makes the above even sadder).
6.  My lipstick collection is getting out of hand (I have 18).
5.  I fully trust red wine to get me through anything.
4.  I love to travel.
3.  I can hold a grudge for a long, long time.
2.  I live with someone who doesn’t believe that you can know a song all the way through.
1.  I am grateful for each and every person who reads my blog.

I TAG:  Abby Jane at ohabbyjane |  Sally at diagonsally  |  Jess at halfgirlhalfteacup and anyone else who wants a shiny award on their blog.

Hope you’re all ok out thereimg_4828-17


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