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Day 4: Earliest Childhood Memory

Song For The Day: 5,6,7,8 by Steps

I just thought I’d set the scene for my childhood…

Anyway, the earliest childhood memory that I can remember is from when I was around 1.  I specifically remember that I couldn’t walk yet, and that I was lying on the blue carpet in our dining room (it was the early 90s ok).  My dad was looking after me because mum had gone out, and he gave me watered down milk.  I was not a happy bunny, and remember it tasting awful.

It’s a pretty mundane first memory, isn’t it?  It’s weird how we remember things like that, and my mum would probably find it hilarious that my first memory is of someone displeasing me.  What can I say, I can be pretty hard to please sometimes!

What’s your first memory?

Hope you’re all ok out there!



4 thoughts on “Day 4: Earliest Childhood Memory

  1. April says:

    Love the day’s song choice! Takes me back to my school days and learning dance routines! 🙂 Really not sure what my earliest memory is – so many memories that could be false or prompted by photos, stories etc. I thought I remembered going to a funeral, but my mum said that never happened. Also thought I remembered my brother being cold in his pushchair when we got home from the fireworks and my mum freaking out thinking he had hypothermia, but she insists she didn’t freak out and he was just a bit cold from his jumper riding up. At least that one wasn’t a complete dream – it happened when I was about 2ish I think. xx

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