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Day 5: My Guilty Pleasure

Song for the Day: Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship

Wowwwww throwback!  But how could I not have this song in this post?

Anyway.  This post has come super late today because I went out for dinner and drinks with my lovely friend Sarah, who has accompanied me here from my undergrad.  I think we both needed to let loose a bit, and to make the evening even more perfect, there was a flirty bouncer who looked like Shemar Moore.  I was several strawberry daiquiris down and loving life!

Then I got back home and went on Twitter, and suddenly remembered that I had this to write.  I am doing so well with this challenge…

Today’s topic is my guilty pleasure.

I don’t know whether I have too few or too many to talk about, or whether that’s good or bad.  I’ll see how we go…

  • 90s/00s music.  Is that a guilty pleasure?  I just love me some S Club sometimes…
  • country music.  I LOVE SHANIA OK
  • white russian cocktails.  Most people I know shudder at the thought of a milky cocktail but oh my god I love white russians.  When I lived in France one my my favourite bars (Big White) had their own twist: A Big White Russian.  It involved the addition of cookie dough vodka.  When I first tried it I actually died and went to heaven for a bit.

You know what?  I like what I like.  I’m not ashamed to have a few country albums on my iPod.  My music collection will last for 17 days non-stop, and you bet that there’s country, 90s, 60s, rap, hiphop, death metal… I love everything.  Hell, I even put Justin Bieber on there the other week (Sorry just will not leave my head, dammit).  I’m not sure why we feel the need to label unconventional things as “guilty” pleasures.

What do you guys think?

Hope you’re all ok out there.katastrophique


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