blogging challenge

Day 8: An Old Picture of Me

Song for the Day: Run Away With Me by Carly Rae Jepsen

This video makes me want to travel so much!  I love it.

Today’s challenge is to post an old picture of myself.  I delved deep into my MySpace archives for this one guys!  This is what I looked like 8 years ago:


15 year-old me in all her wannabe-scene glory!  Heavy side fringe?  Check.  Heavy eyeliner?  Check.  Starry scarf?  Check.  Unflinching confidence that I was the height of “I’m not a ~popular kid so I am therefore cool” cool?  Check.

Oh, to be young again.

I genuinely believed I was fat at this point.  Now I’m 3 dress sizes larger and I want to scratch 15 year-old me’s overly-kohled eyes out.  At least I learnt how to makeup in the last 8 years…

See you tomorrow!

Hope you’re all ok out there.



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