blogging challenge

Blogging Challenge Day 9

Song for the day: Painting Flowers by All Time Low

Because it came on shuffle earlier and I forgot how much I love that song.

Today I have to talk about my tattoos and piercings, but it’s fairly boring.  I have my earlobes pierced once each, and I used to have my right ear pierced at the cartilage but it got infected so I took it out.  I want to get it redone soon though!

I don’t have any tattoos yet, but I have a list of things that I want:

“beLIEve” near my heart for the Fall Out Boy lyric.  Ideally in Pete Wentz’s handwriting.

A lightening bolt behind my ear (a bit like Hayley Williams’) to symbolise Harry Potter

An eye with a purple iris and a white star in the pupil on the back of my neck to symbolise inner courage and also The Belgariad

“L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux” from Le Petit Prince just underneath the eye.

I also want something to symbolise Doctor Who and Parks and Rec but I’m not sure what yet.

Do you guys have or want tattoos?  What are they?

Back in October  I talked about a super important project.  I can now confirm that I can reveal what it is in NOVEMBER! Woooooooo!  So get ready for that! 😉

Hope everyone’s ok out there!



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