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Day 10: My First Celebrity Crush

Song for the day: Haunting by Halsey

Because (one of the many) stories I’m currently writing is set to this and it got in my head as a result.

Today’s challenge is to talk about my first celebrity crush.  Get ready guys…

These guys were the “band members I fancied” back in the 90s!  Ben from A1, Shane from Westlife, and Lee from Steps.  I remember getting a copy of Smash Hits magazine when I was about 7 that had Westlife on the cover and just staring at Shane (cringe and etc).

However, I never truly understood what a crush was until I was 10 and encountered a little film called Pirates of the Caribbean and saw this face:

orlando bloom, pirates of the Caribbean, potc

I fell.  And I fell hard.  I was a girl obsessed with the beauty and wonder that is Orlando Bloom’s face.  I remember being off school sick and just replaying the DVD to see him.  I remember feeling weirdly protective of him when he’s duelling Jack and grinning like a loon on loon tablets (RIP Louise Rennison) whenever he smiled.

He could still get it tbh.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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