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Day 13: Favourite Quote

Song for the day: Jealous Minds Think Alike by You Me At Six

Because that song is still incredible.

Today I woke up to my Twitter notifications blowing up with men who were adamant that feminism is “a cult”.  Wonderful. I won’t repeat some of the slurs they used against me, but safe to say I got a bit riled up…

Day 13 involves me sharing my favourite quote.  I have loads!

“You can live with me in this house I built out of writers’ blocks” – Pete Wentz.

“Will all of you who would like to die immediately and save yourselves the inconvenience and discomfort of being chased down and slowly hacked to pieces please step forward?” – David Eddings

However, there is an ultimate quote that I want tattooed on me at some point:

Le petit prince, quote, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In handy phone background size

It’s from the classic book “Le Petit Prince” and means “You only see properly with your heart.  What is essential is invisible to the eyes”.

I love it.  It’s kind of a constant reminder to follow my heart and my instincts.

What’s your favourite quote?

Hope you’re all ok out there 🙂



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