blogging challenge

Day 15: Timeline of my day

Song for the day: Sweet Dreams My LA Ex by Rachel Stevens


Here’s the part of the post where I’d tell you about my day, but today’s blogging challenge is to give you a timeline, so here we go:

6:55am: alarm goes off.

7:05am: alarm #2 goes off.

7:15am: alarm #3 goes off, my dog shoves his wet nose in my face, and I resign myself to getting up.


My view when I woke up. Except in the dark in my room and without my brother laughing.

8:30am: set off for work, dragging heels.

9am: my shift starts, and I am already working to set up the coffee counter and the café for the day ahead.

10am: I make my second cup of coffee. 7 hours to go…

11am:  I make my third cup of coffee and dry up my 20th load of dishes.  I make up some coleslaw and coronation chicken for the lunchtime rush.

12pm:  A literal coach-load of French school kids arrives.  The café almost runs out of hot chocolate.  I get to practise my French and accidentally advise the teacher to eat his scone with cream and a condom. I FORGOT THE WORD CONFITURE OK

1pm:  The school trip leaves.  The café sighs in relief.  My feet start complaining so I have more coffee.  A lovely Geordie coffee order filter coffee and cheese scones.  They tell me they’re from between Newcastle and Durham.  I say I have a good friend from Washington, and the man says it’s surprising we have friends.

2pm:  It hurts to stand up.  I did a 9-5 yesterday for the first time since Christmas and doing it again today is murder.  There is a seemingly never-ending queue at the counter.

2:45pm: I finally get a break, and make a coronation chicken sandwich for dinner.  The café has been so busy that there isn’t any sparkling elderflower left so I have a Coke.  I sit down.  OW FUCKING OW.

3pm: I stand up and almost cry.  2 hours to go…

4pm:  My train of thought is literally “ow ow ow ow ow”.  More coffee!  My boss says to start tidying up the counter and I rejoice.  I don’t know why but I absolutely love cleaning the coffee machine and clingfilm-ing the cakes.  I’m a strange girl.

4:35pm: 10 minutes before closing, our first new customers in 25 minutes arrive and ask for cake and coffee.  I seethe and Mandy unwraps the cake.  I inform them that we’re no longer able to serve coffee. They seethe.

4:45pm: The café is empty.  I help clean the kitchen and contemplate amputating my feet.  It would hurt less than the aching.

5pm: Home time!

5:10pm: Apparently not.  My mum still has things to do.

6:30pm: HOME TIME

6:45pm: We get home to find that my new business cards have arrived! Yay 🙂

7:00pm: Start writing this.

7:05pm: Pause for tea – mum’s made Spanish tortilla con patatas.

7:15pm: My brother stands up and partially dislocates his knee.

7:25pm: It being the same knee he has fully dislocated before, my parents take him to A&E.

7:30pm: I eat a chocolate digestive.

7:43pm: I finish typing this up and publish it for you guys.

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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