blogging challenge

Day 16: My Dream Job

Song for the day: Cheerleader by Omi

Because it came on the radio today when the sun was shining and it’s making my feel all summery!  And very nostalgic for 4th year but hey.

Aaaaand now I want to listen to the Pentatonix version again.

Today was my day off from work this week, so I spent it lying around nursing my aching feet and buying old lady shoes for tomorrow’s shift.  Comfort, people, comfort.

Tonight’s excitement was that there was a stray Alsatian running around our street. She’s painfully thin and her fur’s fallen out in places, so we’ve taken her to the vets.  She’s adorable and I want to keep her.

Today’s challenge is to talk about my dream job.

Ideally I would love to be paid to review holidays.  Remember that BBC program from the 90s?  I would have killed to be a presenter.  I would just get paid to travel and experience other cultures!

My cliché options for my dream career path would be the chocolate taster role, or Empress of the Known Universe.  Hey, they’re dream jobs.

As I sit here at age 23, my dream job would be working in the publishing sector, either as a translator or as part of the editorial/marketing teams.  I fell in love with the idea when I attended the Working With Words conference a few weeks ago (and met Jody Thompson!).  What especially makes it dream-worthy would be that I would make enough money to live comfortably in London and be able to gig/travel with ease.


What about you guys?

Hope you’re all ok out there




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