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Day 17: My Favourite Childhood Book

Song for the day: Dreamlover by Mariah Carey

Because it was in an episode of Parks and Rec and has not left my head since

HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY!  It’s my mum and her twin’s birthday, so I’m about to nip out for a meal to celebrate.  If my feet forgive me for today’s shift that is.

I’ve got just enough time to tell you what my favourite books from my childhood were/are (I can’t pick just one!).  I’m taking childhood to mean <11 years old btw.


1: Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by J K Rowling

Goblet of Fire

2: Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransom


3: Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder


4: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis


5: The Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchel


These are the books that shaped my childhood!

What about you guys?

Ok so I went out for my meal inbetween…

Hope you’re all ok out there



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