blogging challenge

Day 20: Where Do I Want To Be In 10 Years?

Song for the day: We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Because I’m still at my godmother’s and we’re having a big get-together with real and honorary family today.

Whilst I was searching for that video on YouTube I came across a performance of it on Oprah ft Avril Lavigne and a load of randomers.  You can find it in the dictionary under “trainwreck”.

Today’s blogging challenge requires me to talk about where I want to be in 10 years time.


No.  Hopefully.

Ideally I would like to be a successful literary translator on the side of being successful in the publishing industry.  I would like to be living comfortably in London, and I would like to be in a serious and steady relationship.  I would prefer to be a parent at 33, but y’know.

I would also like to not be on my anti-depressants or my anti-anxiety meds, and I would like to be happy.

So cliché I know.

What about you guys?

Hope you’re all ok out there!




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