blogging challenge

Day 21: Something I Miss

Song for the day: Satellite by All Time Low

Because I love this song and I need something I love right now.

Today was spent translation a French fairytale for one of my essays this holiday, along with a spot of topiary in the garden and #thegirlgang chat (of course) (#boobsquad).

My friend got me over for a girly night, and we had face masks and watched naked Zac Efron, so that was nice.  My face still smells like honey!  I got to hear about how my friends were doing, and they all have proper jobs and relationships.  I feel very behind!

Which leads me to today’s topic: something I miss.

I miss 6th form when I felt like I was on the same level life-wise as my friends.  None of us had boyfriends or jobs, we were all just muddling through A-levels and looking forward to uni.

Doing an MA feels very lonely.  All my friends are living their lives and I just feel like I’m treading water.  I have like 1 friend at uni.  I tend to just exist.  Stasis.  I miss living with friends.  I miss feeling part of something, not just floating.  Ah well.

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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