katastrophique's Nice Message Chain, MESSAGECHAlN, katastrophique

The Nice Message Chain

katastrophique's Nice Message Chain, MESSAGECHAlN, katastrophique

Song for the day:  Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Because you’re amaaaazing…

Happy Easter everyone!  I’m stuffing my face with chocolate and I hope you are too.

Hands up who was in the very first #stlbloggers chat last night?  Caitlin did an absolutely amazing job, and the chat was so much fun!  She was kind enough to let me put feelers out in regards to my SUPER EXCITING NEW PROJECT, which is what you’re reading about right now 🙂  Or about to anyway…

katastrophique's Nice Message Chain, MESSAGECHAlN, katastrophique

It all started when I found a set of corked bottles in a shop when I was out shopping with my Grandad yesterday.  I immediately got that song Message In A Bottle in my head, and inspiration struck!  What if there was a chain of messages in a bottle – or virtual ones, or even handwritten letters in pretty envelopes (because we love our stationary don’t we) – going from blogger to blogger?  We’re a generous bunch, and as Caitlin proved last night, we just love to Share The Love!

So how will this work?

  • Comment on this post or send me a DM on twitter (either @belkatya or @MESSAGECHAlN  (the I in chain is a lower case “L”) ) if you’re interested.
  • You can submit your address or email, whichever you’re most comfortable with, and I will give this to another blogger in the chain.
  • You will then receive a lovely message from them through your chosen method.
  • In return, I will give you the address/email of another blogger, and you send them a message though their chosen method.

You can make your message anonymous or not, but the goal is to spread positive vibes as far and as wide as possible!  Maybe you’ll read your partner’s blog and share their passion, or you’ll see that they’re feeling down and send them messages of encouragement!  Just send a nice message – a little kindness can go a long way!

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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