blogging challenge

Day 27&28

Song for the day: Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy

because Meagan Camper’s snapchat story

So the Nice Message Chain is getting traction!  I’m so happy – and if you don’t know what it is then I obviously haven’t been spamming you on Twitter ;). Read all about it here.

I didn’t do my challenge yesterday because I wanted to focus on the Chain (cue Fleetwood Mac) and because Day 27: What Makes You Feel Better can be answered with my 6 Steps to Stability .

Day 28 is all about the last time I cried. (Cue the tiny violins)


To be completely honest, the last time I cried was yesterday on the obligatory family walk that we have to do on religious holidays where we eat loads and subsequently do not wish to move.  I currently have The Worst Cold Ever and Storm Katie was starting up, meaning that the wind was absolutely killing my sinuses.  It HURT ok!  Hurricane Katie is in full swing here!!

Hope you’re all ok out there – and don’t forget to sign up to the NMC!



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