4 Things I Learnt From Blogging Every Day For A Month


Song for the day:  Sail by AWOLNATION

That riff tho!  (Hey Aloha  Lola)

So, unless you’ve unsubscribed from my emails because there were just SO MANY, you’ll know that I’ve been taking part in the 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  (It’s over now, please subscribe to me again!)

It’s been hard, I’m not gonna lie.  Finding the time and the energy to blog every day has not been fun, and some days it has been impossible.  My posts have been terrible quality, and I’m sorry.  You guys deserve better.  Here are the lessons I have learnt from blogging every day.

  1. It takes a lot of work.
    Ok, so as bloggers know already, blogging isn’t just a walk in the park.  It takes time and effort, and deserves love and attention.  Wait, isn’t that a dog?  Meh.  Same needs.  Blogging every day means your posts are bland.
  2. It’s taught me that scheduling isn’t necessary in every part of my life.
    Yes, that was kind of hard for me to admit.  I NEED A SCHEDULE IN MY LIFE.  I had planned to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I see now that I can’t force a blog post out.  Much like writing, I have to wait for the inspiration to strike me lest it be rubbish.  From now on, the only scheduling I will do RE blogging is to use the shit out of Buffer with Twitter.  It’s a godsend.
  3. Not all topics on these challenge memes are blogworthy.
    imageYou go into a challenge meme like this with a certain level of trust.  You trust these memes to be able to carry you through a whole month, but some of the challenges were just useless for content.  I mean, if I had more time I could have maybe developed some, but seriously, how much is there to write about my favourite quote that can fill an entire blog post?  Save it for your bullet journal.
  4. DON’T DO IT
    For the love of God, don’t do it to yourself.  Save your blogging for a post you’re passionate about.

So what else can I say?  Oh yeah… Day 31: A Weird Quirk of Mine.  I twiddle my hair when I’m bored.  Or drinking.  Or stressed.  Boom.

I am going to blog tomorrow, but that’s because it’s FOODIE FRIDAYS and I promised some lovely people in Tuesday’s chat spree that there would be a cake recipe up 🙂  You’ll like it, I promise!

REMEMBER TO SIGN UP TO MY NICE MESSAGE CHAIN!  The first letters have already been sent!

Hope you’re all ok out there!



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