Katastrophique's ultimate playlists

My Top 10 Most Played Songs April 2016

Katastrophique's ultimate playlists

Song for the day:  ALL OF THE BELOW

Hi guys!  Look, it’s a Tuesday and I’m posting!  (Whaaaaaat)

Had a bit of a panic earlier because I had a seminar and in it I had planned to tell my lecturer that I was throwing her ideas out of the window and completely rethinking my project topic.  You know, the 5000 words that are in very soon.  Those.  Yeah.

Thankfully she said she’d have been shocked if I hadn’t come back from the Easter break without several revisions and or a new topic.  Phew.  So guess who spent a few hours in the library fighting off undergrads for a free computer to get going on it?  This girl.  (The jungle scenes from Mean Girls came to mind, guys.  It was that brutal in there.).

My lecturer also held up my work from a few weeks ago and said it was exemplary and that in “all her years of doing this lesson I have never seen such superb work”.  This was the work that I literally just doodled flowers all over because she’d left the room and we were all sort of like “wtf do we do now”.  So that’s something.

What else do I have to update you on?

  • I’m back in Norwich, obvs.
  • As some of you will have seen from my tweets, my friends and I didn’t manage to convince our friend to call her new puppy Beyoncé, but her mam did like the idea of Sasha (Fierce), so that’s an achievement.
  • I spent yesterday watching the entire Daredevil season 2 and sharpie-ing my brain out.  Achievement #2 unlocked.
  • The Nice Message Chain might be starting a chat soon!  Head to the twitter account to have your say on when it should be held.
  • I am in the process of replacing my bloodstream with flat whites.  Or so it seems.

ANYWAY, tangenting there, sorry.

I listen to A LOT of music.  Left to play, my iTunes library wouldn’t stop for 16.7 days.  Despite this, my top 10 most-played has remained the same for a year or so now, because I tend to binge on songs and then go off them for a bit.  Fair warning, there’s a lot of Fall Out Boy ahead.  (FOBsessed since ’06 yo).

Ok so I just realised my top 10 is mostly Fall Out Boy.  I have got rid of a few so there’s variety and now there are only 3


#10: Paris by Jay Z and Kanye
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists
This song will always remind me of the second half of my year abroad when I lived in France.  My friend had an anecdote about how her friend sung “Sean Paul so hard” and now that’s all I sing too.  Sorry…

#9: Anklebiters by Paramore
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists
One of my “get psyched” songs, this one got stuck in my head and so naturally got played about 150 times in a row.  It’s a killer song though!


#8: Lane Boy by twenty one pilots

THE DROP.  THE. DRØP.  Plus where else are you going to get the line “If you ask Zack, he’s my brother, he likes when I rap fast”? (but let’s backtrack, back to this)

#7: Young God by Halsey
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists
This song has special connotations for me and so it calms me down when I listen to it.  Hence why it’s been played so many times haha

#6:  Drunk in Love by Beyoncé ft Jay Z
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists

This embodied my French semester in my year abroad!  The friendship group that I made there adopted this as ~our song, and, although we didn’t managed to get one of us to name their dog Beyoncé, we are going to see her together in July.  YAS QUEEN BEY!  Most of these plays are probs from our predrinks tbh.

#5: Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year by Fall Out Boy

Katastrophique's Ultimate PlaylistsMY BOYS.  I want beLIEve tattooed on my body.

#4: English Girls by The Maine
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists
I adore this band, and when they released the lyric video I spent ages rewatching it and downloaded it to watch on my iPod bc that eyebrow raise come on ladies.  And Kennedy’s dancing.

#3: Style by Taylor Swift
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists

Ah, good old T Swizzle.  I got slightly hooked on this song and now it just reminds me of wandering round Granada with my family last year and spending hours in the sun with a cerveza.

#2: Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy
Katastrophique's Ultimate Playlists

#1: Jet Pack Blues by Fall Out Boy
Katastrophique's Ultimate PlaylistsMY BOYS.  This is up there with All of Me as one of The Most Beautiful Songs Ever Written Ever.  Pete Wentz is a lyrical genius.

What are your most played songs?  My playlist is on 8tracks here.  Except 8tracks doesn’t let you have 3 songs by the same artist, so listen to Sophomore Slump here:


Hope you’re all ok out there!



4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Most Played Songs April 2016

  1. Gwennan says:

    Oh my gosh be still my beating heart when you said you love FOB 😂 I remember when I was 12 they played my local recreational centre like legit in a leisure centre! And we weren’t allowed to go because our parents thought we were too young hahaha! Would love to know which other FOB tracks made it to the top played but you omitted?! (Jet Pack Blues is a TUNE)


    Liked by 1 person

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