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Why Sometimes You Have To Be ~The Bitch

Why Sometimes You HAVE To Be The Bitch | katastrophique.com

Song for the day: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar

Because it’s been such nice weather lately and I was walking home from uni listening to my Year Abroad playlist and this song always makes me think of fun in the sun.


Today’s post is more of an excuse to rant than anything else.  If you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter – or even my blog (with posts like this)  – you’ll know that one of my housemates…

well, he’s a bit of a dick.

Whether it’s little things like leaving all his washing up in the sink all day and getting pissed off if we move it (y’know, so we can do our washing up) or big things like just disappearing on a night out and not letting us know that he’d gone, he has been a pain all year.

Let’s not even talk about the effect he’s had on my mental health.  He’s condescending, disrespectful, big-headed, relentlessly negative – and I know I’m not exactly glass-half-full but seriously this guy is draining.  I’ve gone home at the weekend so much because it just makes this house toxic.

But lately, the Big Thing he’s done is get tea all over my housemate’s Mac and claim no liability because she shouldn’t have had her MacBook there.

I don’t appreciate having a crying housemate on my phone or my shoulder.  I mean obviously I am there for her, I don’t mind helping her and sitting with her, but the fact remains that she shouldn’t have been crying in the first place.  She’s been working so hard lately – pulling all nighters at uni etc – and this guy has basically fucked up her entire grade.

I’ve been trying to be civil.  I mean obviously I’m on her side, but I’ve been acting neutral in front of him.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday he came downstairs to where I was working on my essay and complained about how his portfolio was due in on Friday and how he had to take photos and put them on a memory stick and how he would be screwed if his Mac broke.

My other housemate’s Mac was sitting on the table next to him, having literally been returned an hour before after 6 WEEKS.

I snapped. I lost it big time.  My hands were shaking, I was so angry.  And I let him have it.  Choice phrases were used – “stop being a patronising dick and LET ME SPEAK” among them – and it lasted for 25 minutes.  I missed out on watching Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Derek Theler so that I could try and get it into his head that the world does not bend to his every whim and that he does not come from a higher realm.  He of course stormed out like “I don’t have to listen to this” which proved my point entirely.  I laughed in his face.

I also suffered an anxiety attack that lasted for hours afterwards but hey.  I’ve been used to that living around him.

He only proved my point further when he decided to put the washing on right next to me about 10 minutes later because he knew I was working.

And 30 minutes after that when he heard me cooking and so decided to pack up all his kitchen stuff because he’s leaving soon, and all of his kitchen stuff seemed to be around the sink and the cooker and the fridge.  Dick.

But the fact remains that I have been saying this to him in my head all year, and it burst out today.  His little “woe is me I need a memory stick it’s the end of the world” comment was the proverbial straw on the camel’s back.

Someone needs to tell him, I thought.  Someone needs to let him know that’s his behaviour is unacceptable.  Otherwise he’d be spending his whole life being condescending and inconsiderate and ultimately ending up alone and miserable.

I’d had a similar conversation with a classmate the day before when one of our fellows interrupted a PhD presentation to let her know that he personally thought that using “xe” and “xir” to refer to a genderfluid person was “ridiculous why can’t you just use he and she it’s not going to hurt anyone” before grinning around at us all like he should be knighted for that comment didn’t we all agree?  I flipped.  Actually it can be incredibly harmful and can even kill you utter imbecile.

So the theme for me this week is kind of parenting.  Something had to be said, these guys needed to know that what they say and do is unacceptable in the adult world.  They’re associating with grown ups now, and we shouldn’t have to pander to them.

Sorry it’s so heavy!  What do you think?

Remember to sign up to the message chain!  The first chat on Saturday was fun, thanks to those who joined in!

Hope you’re all ok out there!




9 thoughts on “Why Sometimes You Have To Be ~The Bitch

  1. Mira says:

    Your housemate sounds really awful and disrespectful, make like him make me incredibly angry. And yes, sometimes we just have to let it all out and say it, otherwise no one will ever tell them and they will continue their horrible behaviour. I think you should be proud of yourself for speaking up and not letting him do whatever he wants. xx


    Liked by 1 person

    • belkatya says:

      He really is 😦 I’m so glad he’s gone now, although he came back yesterday to get a couple of things and only spoke to me to demand what stuff was his in the fridge. Surely he knows?? I didn’t take an inventory…
      Thank you so much! Xx


  2. Nicole Lauren Blake says:

    I had some nightmare housemates at uni too! I think everyone goes through it! I’m only friends with one of them now 3 years on, one of my best friends so at least there’s some good come out of a house share.

    Thankfully I’m now living with just my boyfriend, so much easier! Hope everything goes good for you now he’s gone!


  3. Esra says:

    Omg he sounds like a total nightmare. Reminds me of a flatmate nightmare of my own! A friend of mine needed a place so I agreed to flat share & it was the biggest mistake ever. I never said anything though. When I was fed up I wrote a note with key things she shouldn’t do like leave left overs in the living room. Like it’s basic human life lol. It was so upsetting to her that she even left without paying the rent. To top it off, she took the gas and the electricity top up cards. Honesty some people are out of their minds and just psychotic. It’s unbelievable.
    Hope this guy leaves and hope you get some peace.
    Stay strong till then! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aleksandra says:

    Sometimes being nice takes you only that far. There is a big difference between acting polite and letting people walk over you. It is important to understand that.
    (I am so glad I don’t have to share houses anymore… 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

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